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Powder Technology

A self-service touchless car wash - it is the owner who washes the vehicle thus the operating personnel deal only with supervision of the device, which in turn substantially reduces the problem of maintenance and completely removes any doubt related to the quality of the car wash.

How does it work?



A customer makes payments using money, coins, banknotes, a smart key, a smart card   Select programsу   Wash a car


In our car washes, we offer our customers 4 programs:

Basic Cleaning
Application of wax




The "STOP" button

If it is pressed once, it turns off the working programs, but it does not stops the countdown of the remaining washing time.



technology-icon-1 There is no need of temporary flushing. technology-icon-3 It is not necessary to use brushes or sponges.
There is no need to use chemicals. It should be not wiped after rinsing.
A customer in our wash cars uses only one gun and four keys to change programs that makes it easy to use the car wash. The use of the safe moderate pressure of 90 bar combined with the wide stream from the metaloceramic nozzle of the gun allows for cleaning a car every day and remove the smallest chips. The rotating lance provides a convenient washing.